Pier Terms and Conditions

This page contains Terms and Conditions of use, Rules, and Operational Procedures for the pier.

  1. The Inspire Inveraray Directors are responsible for the safe and efficient operation of the pier. Their decision in all operational and safety matters covered by these terms and conditions is final. Amongst all other things, the Directors have the right to:
    1. a. Give berthing priority to the Emergency Services and vessels in distress.
    2. b. Allocate berths and block bookings.
    3. c. Allocate a short-term exclusive berth to passenger boats and charter boats.
    4. d. Remove and dispose of any items left unattended on the walkways, pontoons or surrounding area.
    5. e. In bad weather (or in anticipation of bad weather) or exceptional circumstances, require skippers to remove boats from the pier. A rough guide being when XC weather predicts wind speeds of over 31mph (f6) from the NE to NW or 38mph (f7) from other directions
  2. Abusive or Aggressive behaviour. Our directors, staff & volunteers work for the benefit of the whole community of Inveraray. It is important to II that all members of the public, staff and volunteers are treated with courtesy and respect at all times. Inspire Inveraray have a Dignity at Work and Zero Tolerance policy. This means that aggressive and/or violent behaviour of any sort and by anyone, towards our staff and volunteers or any member of the public who is engaged with any of our activities, will not be tolerated under any circumstances. This includes verbal abuse, either in person, by phone, e-mail or via social media etc. Any incident of this sort, reported to the Inspire Inveraray Directors, will be investigated and followed up with firstly, a verbal and secondly, a written warning advising that any further incidents will not be tolerated. Any subsequent violation of this policy by the individual(s) concerned will result in a ban from the use of the pier and other company facilities and assets for an appropriate period, with immediate effect. There will be no appeal process.
  3. Users and visitors with a problem(s) outside the scope of these rules may apply to II for guidance or a resolution.
  4. Inspire Inveraray accepts no responsibility for loss, damage or delay arising from any cause whatsoever.
  5. Nothing is to be left on the pier during periods of darkness. During daylight hours items will only be left on the pier when attended and not where they cause an obstruction or risk to others. All vessels and gear, worked on, moved, stored or otherwise managed and kept on or near the pier is done so at the sole risk of the owner.
  6. Insurance. Customers are required to ensure that their vessels, crew members and/or property are adequately insured to a minimum level of £2m, against a minimum of third-party risks. Pier users may be required to evidence this minimum insurance cover.
  7. In the interest of safety and commercial expediency in the management of Inveraray Pier, II reserves the right to move any vessel, gear or vehicle at II’s discretion on any occasion when any pier berth has been provided.
  8. Persons using any part of the marina for whatever purpose, whether by invitation or otherwise, do so at their own risk. Inspire Inveraray can accept no responsibility for any berth holder, crew member or any individual living short or long term aboard any vessel within the marina.
  9. All customers, visitors and their crew members should observe all signage.
  10. No work shall be carried out on vessels whilst on any part of our premises and without the prior consent of Inspire Inveraray. Minor repairs or minor maintenance of a routine nature by the vessel owner, his/her crew may be carried out at the discretion of Inspire Inveraray. The pier is a recreational facility and not a place for general repairs to be undertaken. Anyone causing a nuisance or disturbance to us, or any other users may be required to leave the berth.
  11. Any damage to any part of our premises from any work carried out will be charged to the skipper or company responsible. Skippers are responsible for the lawful and proper disposal of toxic waste products, as an example, oil, contaminated fuel etc. Any breach of this will be severely dealt with and significant fines may be incurred.
  12. Under COSHH (control of substances hazardous to health) regulations, regarding the use of diesel, petrol, or any other flammable, toxic, dangerous, or polluting substances, customers are requested to do so with extreme care, following all safety advice provided and at all times reducing the risk to human health of contamination, pollution, fire risks or property damage.
  13. The discharge of toilets into the sea loch surrounding the pier is prohibited.
  14. Berths are on a first come basis. Occupation of any berth is at the absolute discretion of Inspire Inveraray. Priority will be given to emergency vessels over and above all other vessels. All boats approaching must keep their speed to a minimum so not to cause dangerous waves to other pier users. All boats must have suitable fendering ready on approach. All boats must have their ropes ready on approach. All users must respect the area, local residence, and wildlife.
  15. All ribs and tenders and other small vessels less than 4.5m (14ft) must be secured by a single painter (rope) to the mooring rings only in the area indicated. At no point should these vessels be secured onto any of the handrails.
  16. Visitors and customers using any part of the pier are expected to act responsibly, be understanding of noise, smell and light pollution that can disturb other customers and visitors. The pier and walkways are to be kept clear at all times. Exception to this rule is steps to access vessels. The road and fairway around the shore facilities must be kept clear at all times, exception to this rule is loading and unloading supplies whereby this is done at the discretion of Inspire Inveraray and at all times with courtesy and in a timely manner to other customers and visitors.
  17. Visitors and customers using any part of the pier are requested to clean up after all animals, keep dogs on leashes and make sure they do not cause a disturbance of any kind to customers and visitors or us.
  18. All rubbish to be bagged and put into the right bin. Any rubbish dumped/ fly tipped may result in a substantial fine by Argyll and Bute Council.
  19. No barbeque or bonfire on the pier at any time.

Inspire Inveraray reserves the right to refuse anyone the use of the pier, facilities or any other Inspire Inveraray owned asset if they contravene any of the rules laid out above.

Special rules and procedures for summer and winter seasons

The winter season runs from 1st November to 29th February and the Summer Season runs from 1st March to 31st October.

Special rules and procedures for these seasons are detailed below:

Summer Season Special Rules: 1st March to 31st October

Summary for Summer Operations:

  • Visitors and full paying customers have berthing priority at all times.
  • All activity by local boat users is at the discretion of Inspire Inveraray.
  • 24-hour berthing for visitors – weather restrictions may apply.

Winter Season Special Rules: 31st October to 29th February

Winter Season Special Rules: for registered local boat owners

    1. “Local Boat Owners (LBOs)” are defined as: Ordinary or Associate members of II who, for the period of their use of the pier and facilities, are able to satisfy that they can respond to a request under 3 below, within half an hour if required.
    2. Inspire Inveraray operates a policy of zero tolerance for abusive or aggressive behaviour by anyone using the pier towards II Trustees, volunteers and all others using the pier.
    3. To avoid damage, LBOs will immediately move their boat to a mooring on the request of Inspire Inveraray for any reason or if the LBO judges the weather to be threatening
    4. At all times, LBOs shall moor their boat securely to the satisfaction of and in the berth allocated to them from time to time by Inspire Inveraray.
    5. LBOs shall pay for any damage they cause to the pier or 3rd parties and confirm they hold a minimum of £2m 3rd party insurance cover against such risks.
    6. To allow Inspire Inveraray time to allocate suitable berths and carry out H&S requirements etc., LBOs will, with 48 hours’ notice, inform II by phone/text to the contact details at the end of the page of the intention to move their boat to the pier for a fixed period and agree the date of arrival and expected date of departure.
    7. LBOs will not undertake maintenance work which could damage the pier and, if in doubt, will accept the advice and consent of Inspire Inveraray, whose decision on such matters is final. In particular, any work planned above and beyond light maintenance.
    8. LBOs will leave nothing on the pier during periods of darkness. During daylight hours items will only be left on the pier when attended and not where they cause an obstruction or risk to others.
    9. LBOs are encouraged to keep the pier area around their own boats clean and safe at all times and report any problems related to safety or damage they see to Inspire Inveraray.
    10. LBOs agree to pay the advertised fee per boat, in advance. Excessive use to be agreed with Inspire Inveraray and paid for at cost.
    11. Inspire Inveraray reserves the right to refuse anyone the use of the pier, facilities or any other Inspire Inveraray owned asset if they contravene any of the rules laid out above.

Fishing at Inveraray Pier

  1. Fishing from the pier is encouraged. Donations can be made to the honesty box or via the QR code.
  2. You must avoid casting directly over vessels, dinghy trip lines, and priority must be given to boats manoeuvring in the area of the pier. Lines must be wound in as and when necessary. It is also essential that all litter – particularly fishhooks, fishing lines, bait and pieces of fish must be removed.
  3. Anyone found to be in contravention of this rule will be banned from using the pier for any purpose.  Similarly, anyone found discarding drinks cans or any other litter into the sea will be banned.

Management Protocols for Inveraray Pier

Inspire Inveraray has a duty of care to all those involved with or visiting the Inveraray Pier. To fulfil our duty, we will ensure that:

    1. We will take all reasonable care to prevent or minimise any circumstances or to cease any activity which may cause damage, accident or Injury to employees, volunteers, customers and all members of the public and their possessions, whether insured or not.
    2. We will carry our regular inspections, and maintain in a good state of repair in respect of all risks or items insured hereunder (including but not limited to the Business Premises, machinery, equipment, furnishings, Marine Installations, and safety equipment).
    3. We will keep our Marine Installations in a safe and serviceable condition. The pier, mooring chains and anchors will be professionally inspected, serviced, and certified annually. Pier and walkways will be regularly pressure hosed to remove any build-up of slippery material.
    4. We will comply with all relevant statutory requirements, manufacturers’ recommendations and other regulations relating to the use, inspection and safety of property, Vehicles and Vessels and the safety of all persons.
    5. We will, without delay, make good or remedy any defect or danger which becomes apparent and take such additional precautions as the circumstances may require.
    6. We will keep a fully updated log of all Health and Safety and Maintenance inspections, maintenance work, rectifications and repairs carried out, detailing:
      1. a. the person carrying out the inspection.
      2. b. their position within the company.
      3. c. the date and time of the inspection.
      4. d. any defects found during the inspection.
      5. e. proposed action to remedy the defects.
      6. f. date time and details of the completion of the rectification work.