Scottish Government Visit Inveraray

Published: 2nd October 2023

Scottish Government ministers visited Inveraray on Mon. 2nd October as @scotgov Travelling Cabinet programme resumes.

The Cabinet met at Inverary Parish Church before holding a public discussion in the Inverary Inn to hear about local issues.

“Community empowerment is a key aim for The Scottish Government and it was great to see in person a perfect example of a local group taking power of local assets for their community benefit as well as supporting the local economy.

We are fully committed to ensuring that Scotland’s regions are able to thrive and contribute to a growing sustainable economy.

Inspire Inveraray community group purchased the pier in July 2023, using £121,374 from the Scottish Government supported Scottish Land Fund, to bring it back into operation, providing greater access for leisure and water sports, fishing activities and further connections to surrounding towns.”