Minute of the Inveraray Community Council Meeting – October

Published: 25th October 2023

Inveraray Community Council

General Meeting held on Wednesday 4th October 2023 at 7.00pm in the Loch Fyne Hotel

PresentIn attendance
Linda Divers

Jacqui MacDonald

Julie Hendry

Tracy Boyce

Convener (Chair)




Cllr Jan Brown

Robin Campbell

Joyce Campbell

Alistair Rodden









  1. Welcome

Linda welcomed all to the meeting and thanked the Loch Fyne Hotel for their hospitality.

  1. Apologies

Alyssa Stewart, Jacqui Kerr, Hugh Nicol

  1. Declarations of Interest


  1. Approval of previous minutes

Jacqui approved; Tracy seconded.


  1. Treasurer’s report
Community Council Outgoing Treasurer’s Report End of September 2023
General Account Balance1,915.66
This includes income from:
Mini Bus-255.00
Pier Fund-162.53
Action plan0.00
Drax for Avenue Light Survey-500.00
Mens’ Shed-500.00
Warm Spaces0.00
Dot’s Christmas Light-77.52
Balance after Pending/Allocated Funds£420.61
This includes income from:
Alan Cameron’s Light2550.00
Balance after Pending£2,379.77


  1. Inspire Inveraray report

Linda, Alyssa, Kris and Julie met with the First Minister, Humza Yousaf during his Travelling Cabinet visit to Inveraray on 2nd October 2023, a summary of this meeting is available on the Inveraray Pier website, here

Robin asked whether Michelle should continue in her role as she is no longer living in Inveraray, all present agreed to keep things as they are for now.

Collecting can labels to be replaced with ones for Inspire Inveraray.

A community consultation is being carried out to ascertain the community’s views on the future of the community hall.

A location for the Mens’ shed has still to be found.


Balance as of 02/10/2023£156,205.27
Unrestricted Pier Funds8,711.71
Unrestricted Funds820.84**
Pier Restricted Garfield Weston15,000.00
Pier Restricted Inspiring Scotland31,500.00
Pier Fundraising Refurb23,956.75
Pier Restricted Hugh Fraser15,000.00
Community Ownership Fund Capital40,000.00
Community Ownership Fund Revenue4,332.00
Fyne Shed TSI Grant8,500.00
Fyne Shed Co-Op Donation150.00
SLF Admin Grant2,364.00
Toddlers Group273.00
Argyll and Bute Community Hall2,500.00
SLF Pier Insurance0.72
Awards for All Mens Shed7,500.00
Pending income:
CC Mini Bus
SLF Solicitors Payment4,403.75Has been paid by II, due in bank Thursday 04/10
Pier Fund162.53
** Expected unrestricted 3 month annual expense Oct, Nov, Dec
Community Hall Water Charges-7.50
Community Hall insurance-380.00
AGM advert-45.00
Mini Bus Pump-150.00
Mini Bus Service-50.00
Bank charges-10.50
AGM Hall Hire-30.00
** Available unrestricted funds to date£820.84**
  1. Police report

Apologies received for the delay in submitting this.

  1. Correspondence

Thank you from the Golf Club for their grant.

  1. Licencing/Planning applications


Nothing of note.  These will no longer be automatically submitted to the Community Council, they can be viewed from Argyll & Bute Council’s website here

  1. Fundraising

Christmas parade will be held on Saturday 2nd December 2023, meeting at 6pm in the Co-op car park, departing at 6.30pm for the lantern parade to the Christmas tree on the cross green.

Application for parade has been made to the Council and approved. John Mather will provide the food, Shinty Club will run the bar, Mid Argyll Pipe Band will join us for the parade.

  1. Community Council Membership

Jaqueline Kerr has resigned from the Community Council as she is moving away from the area.

  1. AOCB
  2. Swing park equipment requires annual check for insurance purposes – Linda to ask if ACHA will help with this when they inspect their equipment.
  3. Defibrillator – Al has signs, Andrew Stewart will paint. Julie to arrange registration of the defibrillator with The Circuit.
  • Rats – Cllr Brown liaising with Environmental Health and Amenity.
  1. Branches on some of the trees in the Avenue require cutting back – Argyll Estates.
  2. Path from the deer factory to the tennis courts has some big holes in the path that require filling in with stone – Argyll Estates
  3. Argyll Estates will sell the land at the Swing park to Inspire Inveraray to place the Men’s shed there.
  • Thanks to Argyll & Bute Council roads department for the new sign on the A819 beside the tennis courts.
  • Reports have been received of badgers causing destruction to the ground at the cemetery at Glen Shira – Cllr Brown advised that the Council are aware of this.
  1. Reports have been received of the cemetery at Glen Shira being untidy with some stones lying flat – Cllr Brown will report this to the relevant person.
  2. Robin Campbell has provided more “Beer mats” and has renewed the domain name for the Pier website and will continue to support us, Linda thanked Robin and Joyce for their support.
  3. Winter parking will be free from 1st November 2023.
  • The Council has arranged for new doors to be fitted to the public toilets so that a fee has to be paid – these are not yet working.
  • Linda to meet with Lucia Cordani, Live Argyll, Community Learning and youth worker who works with 12–18-year-olds to discuss how we can engage with Inveraray youths
  1. Date of next meeting 

Wednesday 1st November 2023 at the Loch Fyne Hotel at 7.00pm


  1. Welcome
  1. Apologies for absence
  1. Declarations of interest


  1. Approval of previous minutes


  1. Treasurer’s Report

Including Grants and review of micro/An Suidhe applications received

  1. Inspire Inveraray
  2. Police Report
  3. Correspondence
  4. Licencing Applications / Planning Applications


  1. Fundraising – Christmas parade, Saturday 2nd December 2023
  2. Permission off Bear
  3. Pat test lights – complete
  • Parade licence – complete
  1. Council PLI for lights
  2. Use of lighting column at PCs – complete


  1. Any other competent business


  1. Phone box – defibrillator
  2. Inveraray Pier
  • New Christmas lights
  1. Swing park – matting & upgrade & inspection (Jan Brown/ACHA)
  2. Rats – Cllr Brown
  3. Burn beside Dun na Quaich houses – Cllr Brown
  • Path from Bushang to Glen Shira
  • Laying of wreath at Armistice Ceremony


  1. Date of next meeting