Minute of the Inveraray Community Council Meeting – November

Published: 5th November 2023

Inveraray Community Council

General Meeting held on Wednesday 1st November 2023 at 7.00pm in the Loch Fyne Hotel

PresentIn attendance
Linda Divers

Jacqui MacDonald

Julie Hendry

Alyssa Stewart

Convener (Chair)




Hugh Nicol

David Taylor – Location manager

Alistair Rodden


  1. Welcome

Linda welcomed all to the meeting and thanked the Loch Fyne Hotel for their hospitality.  Linda thanked Jacquie Kerr for her time on the Community Council and all joined Linda in wishing Jacquie and her family all the best in their new home.

  1. Apologies

Cllr Jan Brown

  1. Declarations of Interest


  1. Approval of previous minutes

Alyssa approved, Linda seconded

  1. David Taylor – location manager gave a brief introduction to his company and advised that there will be filming taking place in Inveraray in early 2024. More details will be available in December.


  1. Treasurer’s report

Outgoing Treasurer’s Report End of October 2023


General Account Balance                              £2,914.46

This includes income from:

Mini Bus                                                               -£255.00

Pier Fund                                                             -£210.83

Action Plan                                                         £0.00

Drax for Avenue Light Survey                      -£500.00

Mens Shed                                                          -£500.00

Warm Spaces                                                     -£1,000.00

Dots Christmas Light                                       -£77.52                 * to be transferred to Events

Balance After Pending/Allocated Funds £371.11


EVENTS & DISPLAYS                                        £3,129.77


Dot’s Light                                                           £530.46

Alan’s Light                                                         £2,400.00

Balance after Pending                                    £199.31                *77.52 to be added from GA


BONUS SAVINGS                                             £10.60


MICROGRANT                                                   £1,335.22

Pending grants awarded :


Balance after Pending                                    £1,335.22


CLACHAN WINDFARM                                   £18,894.10          * no statement received prior to meeting

Pending Payments:

Balance after Pending                                    £18,894.10

  1. Inspire Inveraray report

DA MacDonald (Contractors) Ltd are preparing to start repair and remedial works on the Pier.


Outgoing Treasurers Report Inspire Inveraray

October 2023


Balance as of 01/11/23                                   £159,604.36



Unrestricted Pier Funds                                                 £8,711.71

Unrestricted Funds                                          £415.93                 **

Pier Restricted Garfield Weston                 £15,000.00

Pier Restricted  Inspiring Scotland             £31,500.00

Pier Fundraising Refurb                                 £23,956.75

Pier Restricted Hugh Fraser                          £15,000.00

Community Ownership Fund Capital        £40,000.00

Community Ownership Fund Revenue    £4,332.00

Fyne Shed TSI Grant                                        £8,500.00

Fyne Shed Co-Op Donation                          £150.00

SLF Admin Grant                                               £1,764.00

Toddlers Group                                                                 £273.00

Argyll and Bute Community Hall                £2,500.00

SLF Pier Insurance                                            £0.72

Awards For All Men’s Shed                           £7,500.00


Pending Income


Pier Fund                                                             £162.53


Expected unrestricted 3 month annual expense Nov, Dec, Jan

Community Hall Water Charges                 -£7.50

Data Protection Fee                                        -£35.00

AGM Advert                                                       -£50.00

Mini Bus Pump                                                  -£150.00

Mini Bus Service                                               -£50.00

Bank Charges                                                     -£10.50

AGM Hall Hire                                                    -£30.00



** Available unrestricted funds to date   £415.93 **