Inveraray Community Council Minutes of the Meeting Wednesday 7th December 2022

Published: 15th December 2022

Inveraray Community Council
General Meeting held on Wednesday 7th December 2022 at 7.00pm in the Loch Fyne Hotel
Present In attendance
Linda Divers Convener
Jacqui McDonald Vice Convener Cllr Garrett Corner
Tracy Boyce
Julie Hendry
Secretary (co-opt) Antonia Baird
Hugh Nicoll

1. Welcome
Linda welcomed all to the meeting.
2. Apologies for absence
Cllr Jan Brown, Alyssa Stewart, Jacquie Kerr, Alistair Rodden

3. Declarations of interest
None intimated.
4. Approval of previous minutes
Jacqui approved; Tracy seconded.
5. SSEN – unable to attend.

6. Antonia Baird – Argyll and Bute Council explained how she could help the Community Council with their aspirations.

7. Treasurer’s report

Outgoing Treasurer’s Report October 2022                          
General account balance £2,567.27
This includes income from:
Mini bus -£170.00
Pier fund -£999.23
Action plan £0.00
Drax for Avenue light survey -£500.00
Action plan prints £25.00
Warm spaces £0.00
Notice board repairs -£178.00
Balance after pending/allocated funds £745.04
Events & displays account balance £2,399.54
Pending Reindeer -£249.99
Balance after pending £2,149.55

Microgrant account balance £299.59
Pending grants awarded:
Glass replacement notice board -£178.00
Balance after pending £121.59
CLACHAN WINDFARM                      
Account balance £17,521.62
Pending payments:
British Legion -£1,500.00
Balance after pending £16,021.62

Inspire Inveraray treasurer’s report November 2022
Balance as of 30/11/2022 £32,484.34

Unrestricted funds £690.09
Pier restricted £31,793.85
Restricted funds £0.40
Pending income
Pier fundraised by CC £999.23
Mini bus held by CC £170.00

Expected 3 month annual expense, Dec, Jan, Feb
AGM – Hall hire November -£15.00
Simmers’ Fees Nov/Dec -£360.00
Man Shed – hall hire Nov -£30.00
Bank charges -£14.00
Total -£419.00

8. Police Report
None submitted.
9. Correspondence


10. Licencing/Planning applications
Nothing of note.
11. Inspire Inveraray

Awaiting 2 x grants for restoration costs.

Men’s Shed – DA MacDonald have given us a space to locate a unit.

Kris Clark is now Chair of Inspire Inveraray.

Aly has met with the Education Department of Argyll & Bute Council to discuss Inspire taking over the water-logged are of the Primary School playing field. Cllr Corner will talk about the school field with the Council

Hugh Nicoll commented that a Chartered Surveyor is required to condemn the Community Hall so that the Community can then decide what they want to do with the area.

12. Fundraising

Donations collected at the Christmas parade will be put towards a new Christmas light in Dorothy Robertson’s memory.
Inveraray Christmas cards are still available for sale from the George Hotel.

13. AOCB

I. Grass and bushes beside path from new town to Co-op car park require cutting back, Sgt Wilson advised that he will arrange a working party with the Army Cadets to tidy the avenue.
II. Swing park – DA MacDonald will quote for black mats beneath our equipment.
III. Jacquie Kerr asked if the Council could install a grit bin at the swing park – Cllr Brown has put a request in for this with the Council.
IV. Linda thanked Robin Campbell for his work on the website and social media and all the other things that he does behind the scenes.
V. Online shop to be discussed at the February meeting.
VI. Winter car parking charges will not be instigated in Inveraray.
VII. Jacquie MacDonald asked if the School Eco-group could give a presentation at February’s meeting.
VIII. J Hendry’s application for co-option approved.
IX. Men’s Shed – two meetings have taken place; a Whats App group has been set up and a visit to the Dunoon Men’s Shed will take place in the New Year.

14. Date of next meeting

Wednesday, 1st February 2023.

Linda closed the meeting and thanked everyone for their work in the community. Linda also gave thanks to all friends, community and general public who had helped with the various events, given their time and made donations.