Inveraray Community Council Minutes of the Meeting Wednesday 5th April 2023

Published: 25th April 2023
Last updated: 10th May 2023

Inveraray Community Council

General Meeting held on Wednesday 5th April 2023 at 7.00pm in the Loch Fyne Hotel

PresentIn attendance
Linda DiversConvener (Chair)PC Dorian Stone
Tracy BoyceCllr Dougie Philand
Julie Hendry

Jacquie Kerr

Alistair Rodden

Secretary (co-opt)






  1. Welcome

Linda welcomed all to the meeting.

  1. Apologies for absence

Jacqui McDonald, Alyssa Stewart, Hugh Nicol

  1. Declarations of interest


  1. Approval of previous minutes

Tracy approved; Al seconded.

  1. Caitlyn Quinn – SSEN Transmissions – Community Liaison Manager

Caitlyn gave an overview of her work with the communities of Mid Argyll and whilst SSEN don’t have a dedicated benefit fund they are happy to consider any requests for assistance on case by case.  If they can’t help with funding themselves they can provide support to help the organisation obtain funding. Linda thanked Caitlyn for attending.

Treasurer’s report

Outgoings – Treasurer’s Report April 2023


General Account Balance              £6,342.40

This includes income from:

Mini Bus                                               -£340.00

Pier Fund                                             -£3,534.86

Action Plan                                         £0.00

Drax for Avenue Light Survey      -£500.00

Mens Shed                                          -£500.00

Warm Spaces                                     £0.00

Dots Christmas Light                       -£607.98

Balance After Pending/Allocated Funds £859.56

EVENTS & DISPLAYS                       £2,153.17

Pending £0.00

Balance after Pending                    £215,393.00

BONUS SAVINGS                             £10.53

MICROGRANT                                  £72.69

Pending grants awarded :

Balance after Pending                    £72.69

CLACHAN WINDFARM    £17,521.62

Pending Payments:

British Region £1500.00

Balance after Pending                    £16,021.62


  1. Police Report

PC Dorian Stone provided an overview of calls to Police Scotland from January to March, there is a very low level of crime, the majority of calls are traffic related.  Police Scotland have recruiting issues, so sometimes staffing levels may be low.  Dorian advised that financial services fraud and Cryptocurrency frauds continue to be a big issue – Linda suggested that Police Scotland attend one of the warm space events to do a presentation about fraud to the attendees.  Livestock worrying is still a problem and all are requested to ensure dogs are on leads when walking near livestock. Linda thanked PC Stone for attending.

  1. Correspondence




  1. Licencing/Planning applications

Killean Farmhouse – alcohol licence – no objections.


  1. Inspire Inveraray


Following confirmation from the Scottish Land Fund that their request for funding to purchase the pier had been successful, £121,374, Inspire are now in a position to buy the pier and when this process is complete, commence with repairs with a view to opening the pier for public access later this year.  Linda thanked everyone that had donated their time and money to ensure that this happened.


Cllr Philand advised that the Scottish Government is running a consultation which closes on the 17th April 2023 regarding Scottish Highly Protected Marine Areas, Scottish Highly Protected Marine Areas (HPMAs) – Scottish Government – Citizen Space (

“The Scottish Government’s vision for the marine environment is for clean, healthy, safe, productive and diverse seas, managed to meet the long term needs of nature and people. Through the Bute House Agreement, Scottish Ministers have committed to designate at least 10% of Scotland’s seas as Highly Protected Marine Areas (HPMAs), by 2026. These sites will provide high levels of protection by placing strict limits on some human activities, such as fishing and aquaculture, while allowing non-damaging recreational activities to take place at carefully managed levels.

This consultation is seeking views and comments on a number of key documents that propose how HPMAs will contribute this vision.”

Cllr Philand suggested that in view of all the work we plan to carryout around the Pier, we should be sure that the Government’s plans re HPMAs do not limit our options. Further details can be found here


  1. Fundraising


No plans.


  1. AOCB

All to note, the defibrillator planned for the phone box is not in the George Hotel at this time.

Al will arrange for phone box in Church Square to be painted in readiness for the defibrillator.

Linda asked if the heras fencing in front of the previous RBS building (Church Square) could be removed now that the scaffolding has been taken away, as this reduces the amount of parking for visitors (locals and tourists) to the Main Street/town in general – Cllr Philand will take this forward.

Public Toilets – all agreed that we should once again make tentative enquires about community transfer of the toilets next to the pier, with the hope that the Council would continue to pay the staff.  Cllr Philand will obtain advice on how to start this process.

Al raised the subject of accessible portable toilets – the Games Committee struggle to rent these for the Games and it was suggested that if the Community Council owned a couple it may help to make a visit from the Screen Machine possible.  Al to investigate cost etc.

Screen Machine – make contact to see if we can be added to their itinerary.

  1. Date of next meeting


Wednesday, 3rd May 2023

AGM planned for 7th June 2023 – require to advertise in the Argyllshire Advertiser.