Inveraray Community Council Meeting – Minutes of Wednesday 1st March 2023

Published: 13th March 2023

Inveraray Community Council

General Meeting held on Wednesday 1st March 2023 at 7.00pm in the Loch Fyne Hotel

PresentIn attendance
Linda DiversConvener (Chair)Hugh Nicol
Jacqui McDonaldVice ConvenerCllr Dougie Philand
Julie Hendry

Jacquie Kerr

Alyssa Stewart

Alistair Rodden

Secretary (co-opt)






  1. Welcome

Linda welcomed all to the meeting.

  1. Apologies for absence

Tracy Boyce.

  1. Declarations of interest

Hugh Nicol – An Càrr Dubh Wind Farm.

  1. Approval of previous minutes

Jacqui approved; Linda seconded.

          5. An Càrr Dubh Wind Farm – Statkraft

Ruth Semple and Scott Vallance gave a presentation regarding the proposed windfarm.  There will be an engagement session held in Inveraray in March/April 2023.  Documents are available in pdf format upon request.  There will be community benefit for those communities impacted by the development.  Current benefit is projected at £5000 per megawatt, which equates to approximately £429,000 per annum to be distributed to affected communities.  This could change as the development proceeds to completion.  If the project is given the go-ahead, work is unlikely to commence before 2027. Cllr Philand asked Statkraft to ensure that communities along the path that the equipment would take be kept informed of movements of equipment.  Thanks to Ruth and Scott for the informative presentation.

  1. Treasurer’s report

Outgoings – Treasurer’s Report February 2023


General Account Balance         £4,619.27

This includes income from:

Mini Bus                      -£255.00

Pier Fund                     -£2,639.02

Action Plan                    £0.00

Drax for Avenue Light Survey      -£500.00

Action Plan Prints                £25.00

Warm Spaces                   £0.00

Dots Christmas Light            -£607.98

Balance After Pending/Allocated Funds  £642.27

EVENTS & DISPLAYS                   £2,153.17

Pending £0.00

Balance after Pending                 £2,153.17

BONUS SAVINGS                     £10.50

MICROGRANT                    £72.48

Pending grants awarded:

Balance after Pending              £72.48

CLACHAN WINDFARM                    £17,521.62

Pending Payments:

British Region £1500.00

Balance after Pending                     £16,021.62

  1. Police Report

Nothing received.  Post meeting note; report received on 6th March 2023.

  1. Correspondence

Robin Campbell has produced a web strategy document for – thanks to Robin.  This is a live document so will be constantly updated.

  1. Licencing/Planning applications

Nothing of note.

  1. Inspire Inveraray

Warm spaces, held in the George Hotel, has been very successful, thanks to Kris Clark for hosting this weekly event.

Alistair advised that the mini bus has been in for its regular inspection.  At the moment it isn’t being used particularly well.

Ian McKay has prepared the application for the moorings beside the pier in readiness to submit to Marine Scotland.


  1. Fundraising

Geaspar Byrne has given permission to use the Londis forecourt for a Christmas Market this year.  Post meeting note: Argyll & Bute Council has confirmed that we will not require a licence for this because it’s for charity as functions held by charitable/voluntary organisations, are exempt from obtaining a market operator licence.

  1. AOCB
  2. Jacqui commented on large lorries attempting to access the car park at the co-op but due to their size they are driving over the grass/pavements. A sign on the main road saying that road isn’t suitable for HGVs would be useful.
  3. Hugh Nicol mentioned that after the buildings in the town looking so fresh, some of the buildings had started to change colour and not look as presentable, Cllr Philand would ask whether there is any budget to refresh the paint. Post meeting note; James Lafferty advised that there isn’t any budget.
  • The lime render and paint are coming off the Avenue arches (Inveraray Screen), Cllr Philand will contact James Lafferty to discuss. Post meeting note:  James will visit Inveraray with the Architect who managed the contract to inspect and consider the long-term management and maintenance of the structure.
  1. Fly tipping at the recycling bin area has been report to the Council.
  2. There has been a mattress dumped at the old dump (beside the Golf Course), Hugh Nicol will arrange for it to be removed.
  3. Bear Scotland responded to Cllr Philand – “the use of 30mph speed limit repeater signs within streel lit sections of road in a 30mph speed limit is prohibited. This is detailed in Traffic Signs Manual Chapter 5 which clearly identifies that repeater signs should not be installed in these circumstances. This also applies to the use of road markings indicating ‘30’. As a result of this national advice there is not an option to provide repeater signs at the locations identified.”
  4. Date of next meeting

Wednesday, 1st April 2023.