Inveraray Community Council

Published: 11th October 2022

Inveraray Community Council
General Meeting held on Wednesday 5th October 2022 at 7.00pm in the Loch Fyne Hotel
Present In attendance
Linda Divers Convener Jacquie Kerr
Julie Hendry Secretary Sgt Martin Wilson
Jacqui McDonald Brian Spalding
Alyssa Stewart Treasurer Jane Young
Alistair Rodden

1. Welcome
Linda welcomed all to the meeting.
2. Apologies for absence
Tracy Boyce, Cllr Jan Brown, Cllr Garett Corner, Hugh Nicoll

3. Declarations of interest
None intimated.
4. Approval of previous minutes
Linda approved; Jacquie seconded.
5. Treasurer’s report

Outgoing Treasurer’s Report September 2022
General Account Balance               £3,486.97
This includes income from:
Mini Bus                             £0.00
Pier Fund                            -£2,229.58
Action Plan                          -£199.58
Drax for Avenue Light Survey            -£500.00
Action Plan Prints                     £25.00
Balance After Pending/Allocated Funds   £532.81

EVENTS & DISPLAYS                   £3,172.53

BONUS SAVINGS                     £10.48

MICROGRANT                     £499.52
Pending grants awarded:
Inveraray Community Council           -£199.58
Balance after Pending                 £299.94

CLACHAN WINDFARM                  £20,306
Pending Payments:
British Region £1500.00
Balance after Pending                  £18,806.00

6. Police Report
Sgt Wilson provide summary of police activity, stolen camper van, theft of quad bikes, digger parts. Sgt Wilson advised that there have been some instances of bullying – children and adults. Sgt Wilson offered to visit the primary school to meet with children and parents to discuss bullying – Jacquie will organise after school holidays.
Sgt Wilson was informed of our plans for the Christmas procession.
Sgt Wilson advised that Lynda Syed is a good contact for grants/funding.
7. Correspondence


8. Licencing/Planning applications
Nothing of note.
9. Inspire Inveraray
Directors and ordinary members
No new members, still need to push for more ordinary members and directors, forms printed off to recruit new members, there are now 60 members, another 40 required.
Difficulty with insurance, policy does not allow for individuals to drive vehicle, ongoing at the moment, with no more income, it is forecasted that the balance will be £168 after outgoings
Hugh Fraser foundation
Has awarded Inspire Inveraray £15,000 towards restoration of the pier.
Pier fund
Funding enquires have been submitted to Sainsbury family charity trust and rural & island communities, waiting on an application.
Men’s shed
A drop-in session has been booked for 7th November to gauge any interest – this was identified in the action plan
Outgoing Report for Inspire August 2022

Balance £23,791.85

Unrestricted Funds £1,085.39
Pier Restricted £22,706.46
Pending Income

Expected 3 month expense
Community Hall Insurance Oct -£380.00 *Micro grant?
AGM Hall Hire Nov -£15.00
Simmers Fees Nov/Dec -£300.00
AGM Advert -£43.14
DVLA -£165.00
Man Shed Hall Hire -£15.00

With no other income leave a balance of £167.25

10. Fundraising
Afternoon Ceilidh in George Hotel beer garden on Sunday 9th October 2022 starting at 12noon. Jacqui and Abby, Robin will sing. George Hotel will donate 50% of food takings and donate a raffle prize of stay in hotel with champagne and dinner. Inveraray Inn, Loch Fyne, Semples, Gallery have donated prizes, £5 strip.
Robin Campbell has donated Christmas cards – using photos taken by Andrew Sinclair and DJ – Linda thanked Robin for his support.
Christmas parade with Santa and switch on of Christmas lights – Friday 9th December 2022.
Application submitted to Council for procession permit and public liability insurance. Permit application to be made to Bear to put Christmas lights up. Request to Bear to put extra sockets on light columns quote of £1890.00 received – all agreed that we would ask Bear to put extra sockets on the columns that currently don’t have them between the Barn Brae and the Co-op car park.
10. AOCB

I. Grass and bushes beside path from new town to Co-op car park require cutting back, Sgt Wilson advised that he will arrange a working party with the Army Cadets to tidy the avenue.
II. Swing park – DA MacDonald will quote for black mats beneath our equipment.
III. Jacquie Kerr asked if the Council could install a grit bin at the swing park – Julian Green to be contacted.
IV. Ridge Clean Energy have arranged a warm space initiative at the George Hotel, where Inveraray residents can go for a blether and something to eat. The George Hotel will arrange transport to and from the event, starting on 10th October 2022. Lochfyneside Church will arrange something too.
V. On 29th October there is a ceremony at the Fire Station by SFRS to remember Mr Sandy Drummond, a Retained Fireman from Inveraray Station, who collapsed and died whilst attending the fire which destroyed Crinan Hotel.

11. Date of next meeting

To be confirmed, awaiting confirmation from Argyll and Bute Council re inauguration meeting for new Community Council members.

Linda closed the meeting and thanked everyone for their work in the community.