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Published: 16th February 2024
Last updated: 29th March 2024


Media Release
15 February 2024
Renewable Energy Park in Argyll and Bute to create more stable and secure domestic energy
Ridge Clean Energy is working closely with the community to save Inveraray Pier
Ridge Clean Energy (RCE) has filed a planning application with the Energy Consents Unit of the Scottish Government for Ladyfield Renewable Energy Park. The innovative hybrid renewable energy project, based north of Inveraray, will bring significant benefits for the local community and the natural environment.
The proposed Renewable Energy Park, situated approximately 5km north of Inveraray in Argyll, will pair 13 onshore wind turbines with a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). This combination will generate efficient, dependable domestic renewable energy generation. Additionally, the project will provide a significant biodiversity net gain through an array of ecological enhancements.
As with all their projects – this is one of ten Renewable Energy Parks currently in development across the UK by Ridge Clean Energy – RCE has worked closely with the local community to discover how best to support other projects that will create enduring and sustainable local benefits. As such, RCE has been working with the Inveraray community since 2019, supporting Inspire Inveraray with their plans to bring the neglected Inveraray Pier in Loch Fyne back into community ownership for restoration. The Pier will be opened to the public later this year.
“We develop each project with the scope to do so much more than generate power and tackle the climate crisis”, said Marjorie Glasgow BEM, Co-founder and CEO of RCE, “We believe that combining clean energy with the needs of communities is the most powerful way to tackle climate change and its associated impact. That goes to the heart of our work. The Ridge team have a proven track record in both developing high-quality UK renewable energy projects and building community partnerships that have wide-ranging benefits for the local areas throughout the lifetime of our projects.”
Speaking about Ridge’s support to help save Inverary Pier, Daniela Jenkins BEM, Community Partnership Lead at RCE, said: “We are proud that our combined efforts have resulted in helping secure significant grant funding to purchase and restore the once-adored pier on Loch Fyne, even before our application was submitted. We are looking forward to continuing our successful partnership work with the local community to deliver local projects that matter to people.”
Linda Divers, Chair of Inverary Community Council and Director of Inspire Inveraray said: “We, Inveraray Community Council and Inspire Inveraray are eternally grateful to Ridge Clean Energy for all their help in pointing us in the right direction for funding for our pier project and help in filling out the applications. We were fundraising on our own when we met with them, but they gave us direction and the confidence to apply for funding. We are now in a position where the sale is complete. We can get the restoration done and once again have Inveraray Pier open to the public.”
In addition to RCE’s efforts leading to the purchase of the Pier, they will create the Ladyfield Community Benefit Fund, associated with the Renewable Energy Park, for the lifespan of the project (up to 40 years).
At this next stage the proposal will be considered by the Local Authority Planning Committee, with the consenting decision being determined by the Scottish Government.
Name: Jonny Murphy (Project Manager)
Email: ladyfield@theridgegroup.com
Phone: 01608 819253
Ladyfield Renewable Energy Park – Technical summary and benefits

Ladyfield Renewable Energy Park will include 13 wind turbines with a base-to-tip height of 180 metres and battery storage. The proposed development includes a BESS, an onsite substation, temporary construction compounds and other associated infrastructure.

Ladyfield will be operational for up to 40 years.

At the end of its operational period, the site would be fully decommissioned and returned to its original land use, with the added benefit of increased organic soil carbon content.
About Ridge Clean Energy

Ridge Clean Energy (RCE) is an Oxfordshire-based clean energy company, and its team has an established and successful history of working with landowners and local communities to research,
develop, finance, construct and operate renewable projects across the UK.

RCE supports businesses and communities across the UK in their mission to become net zero by 2050, combining renewable energy projects with a community hub and integrated app.

The Ridge team works with local groups to determine how projects can support local activities. We look at all opportunities to add value in a local context, including peatland restoration and biodiversity enhancement.

More information about what we do can be found here, and you can watch our community ethos video here.
About Ridge Carbon Capture

Ridge Carbon Capture (RCC) is an Oxfordshire-based Nature-based Solutions (NbS) developer with an established and successful history of working with landowners and local communities to research, develop, finance, construct and maintain NbS projects across the UK.

Since 2003, our team at Ridge has combined a proven track record of developing high-quality UK renewable energy projects with working alongside local delivery partners and communities to create enduring and sustainable local benefits. The construction and operation of our UK renewable projects developed our expertise in peatland restoration, with our current portfolio of peatland restoration projects totalling approximately 90,000 acres across England and Scotland.

Our projects generate UK-verified carbon offsets under the regulations of the IUCN UK Peatland Code. We work to ensure our projects deliver the highest standards of climate repair.