Inspire Inveraray Announces the Purchase of Inveraray Pier.

Published: 31st July 2023



31 July 2023 Inspire Inveraray Announces the Purchase of Inveraray Pier.


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Inspire Inveraray and The Inveraray Community Council are overjoyed to announce that the community now own the Historic Inveraray Pier!

We have many people to thank, without whom we could never have achieved this momentous day. Firstly, we want to thank the Local Community for all the donations, big or small, and volunteer hours; without you all, we could not have made this happen.

We also want to thank the owners of The Inveraray Inn, Geaspar and Kelly Byrne, for buying the Pier to allow us to bring it back into Community Ownership. We will always be eternally grateful. Another friend and sponsor we must thank is Robin Campbell Music for all of Robin’s contributions, website sponsorship, and so much more. Robin is indeed an honourary Local forever more.

We also want to express our gratitude to the people outwith our community who helped us to achieve this purchase, including The Scottish Land Fund, Inspiring Scotland, The Community Ownership Levelling Up Fund, Rural Islands and Communities Ideas into Action, The Hugh Fraser Foundation, and The Garfield Weston Foundation. We also must acknowledge the invaluable help we received from Inspiralba for their contributions to our business plan, Highlands and Islands Enterprise for their support in securing the Scottish Land Fund Grant, and Ridge Clean Energy for help obtaining grants, giving us the confidence to apply for them and believing in us.

The purchase of The Pier is a testament to Inveraray’s Community Spirit and our love for our home and each other. This is Inveraray’s Pier. We are committed to supporting the local community at every step of the process. As an organisation dedicated to helping and developing the Inveraray Community, Inspire Inveraray has ensured that The Restoration of the Pier adheres to the highest standards. We will endeavour to use local contractors, vendors, and experts wherever possible in these next phases of restoration, building and re-opening of the Inveraray Pier.

Restoration works at Inveraray Pier will begin in Autumn 2023.

If you want to know more about The Next Steps in our Plans to Restore and Re-open Inveraray Pier, you are invited to attend our Special Open Meeting on Tuesday, 8 August 2023, at the Inveraray Inn from 19h-20:30.

A note from Geaspar and Kelly Byrne Congratulating the Community on this Monumental Occasion:

“When we bought the Pier in a derelict condition in 2019, we hoped that this would be the first step in the process of getting the Pier repaired and re-opened under the control of the people of Inveraray. We are delighted that the town now owns the Pier, enabling the repair and re-opening phase to move forward, and we are proud to have played our part in making this happen. Congratulations to Inveraray and all of the people who worked so hard to get the Pier into community ownership.”

For media inquiries, our Press Packet. or further information, please contact:

Michelle Soto, Administrative Pier Project Development Officer, Inspire Inveraray, +44 075 6368 4035,,