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Inspire Inveraray logoInspire Inveraray maintains community-owned land and assets and works on the development of Inveraray for the benefit of the community.

Company number: SC490048
Registered office address: The George Hotel, Main Street East, Inveraray, Argyll & Bute, PA32 8TT

Present Board Members 2023 – 2024

  • Kris Clark – Director (Chairperson)
  • Brian Spalding – Director (Secretary)
  • Alyssa Stewart – Director (Treasurer)
  • Linda Divers – Director
  • Alastair Rodden – Director
  • Shearer Woodrow – Director
  • Ian MacKay – Director
  • James Cameron – Director

Contact Inspire Inveraray

For specific enquiries on all Inspire Inveraray projects relating to:

  • Pier renovations & building works
  • Licensing
  • Authorisations
  • Grant applications
  • Insurance
  • Health & safety
  • Phase 2 fundraising


For Inveraray Pier day-to-day enquiries:

  • Ross Buchanan


For further information regarding:

  • General information
  • Services
  • Mooring & Berthing
  • Facilities in and around Inveraray Pier

Iain MacKay – Phone: 07880 945490 (mooring & berthing)
Shearer Woodrow – Phone: 07788 815300 (local services & facilities)

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Inspire Inveraray Projects

  • The Pier

    Inveraray Wooden Pier Extension

    The next steps of the Inveraray Pier Project include developing the everyday business processes of the Pier, assessing the Timber portion of the Pier, fundraising and project management of phase 2.

  • Inveraray Community Hall

    Inveraray Community Hall Action Plan

    Inspire Inveraray appointed Glic to determine and formalise the opinions of the local community with regards to the town’s disused community hall and future management and/or development of the site.

    • Five options were developed and presented through a community consultation in January 2024.
    • 156 individuals from the local area responded to the consultation, either in- person or through online feedback. With comparison to previous consultation in the area, this indicates that the community is highly engaged in the project and feel invested in future developments to the hall and site.
    • Analysis of responses to the consultation shows that rebuilding the community hall on its current site is the preferred option for the community of Inveraray.
    • Should this option be unfeasible, rank analysis shows only small margins between the first, second and third options of preference, and the overwhelming sentiment of the community is to “just do something”.
    • The community’s second preference is to build a new community hall on a new site, and the third preference is to renovate the current hall.
    • Practically, a feasibility study should now be conducted for the first preference, to determine the viability of demolishing the current building and constructing a new community hall on its site.

    For the full story click here.

  • Fyne Community Shed

    A Men’s Shed was identified as an aspiration for the community. The Community Shed will offer an opportunity for all members of the local community and surrounding areas to meet, connect, converse, and create. Grants have been awarded from Third Sector Interface and Awards for All to purchase a shed.

    Unfortunately, we no longer have access to the land that was originally planned for the location of the shed. However we are trying to source another area of land to locate the shed.

Call for Board Members!

Would you like to get involved with Inspire Inveraray or any of our projects?

Inspire Inveraray is an organisation created to support and develop our community so it can continue to thrive for many years to come. With this mission in mind, we have an article in our by-laws intended to protect the longevity of our organisation and community assets wherein we must elect a member of the Board between the Ages of 18 and 25 years old.

Do you know any community-minded young people who might be interested in this opportunity?

If so, email the board at