News items from the May Community Council Meeting

Published: 7th May 2024

Inveraray Community Council

General Meeting held on Wednesday 1st May 2024 at 7.00pm in the Loch Fyne Hotel

Presentation from Mr John Gurr, Chair of the Community Enterprise that runs the MACPool Activity Hub

The aim of Mr Gurr’s briefing;

  • To provide an update from MACPool, and to share our future plans
  • To understand the community council’s view of the services we provide
  • We would like your support as we seek to engage with funders around the region.

Mr Gurr’s presentation was interesting and the Community Council would support their aims where possible but advised that the windfarm funding provided to Inveraray CC is to be used in the Inveraray area only.

Mr Gurr remained at the meeting for the Statkraft presentation.

Presentation from Statkraft re An Càrr Dubh Wind Farm

Scott Vallance, Senior Project Manager, UK Wind and Solar and Ruth Semple, Community Liaison Manager, UK Wind and Solar provided an update of the current planning application, which will be heard before the Local Authority Planning Committee (Argyll & Bute Council) on 22nd May 2024 and, if no public enquiry, it will be determined by Scot Gov Energy Consents Unit within 12 months. It should be noted that the only visibility from Inveraray will be from the Folly at Dùn na Cuaiche.  Should the Wind Farm go ahead there will be community benefit for Inveraray.  The Community Council agreed to support the development and would confirm this in writing to Kirsty Flanagan, Director of Development & Infrastructure Services at Argyll & Bute Council via Cllr Corner.

Ruth and Scott offered some advice to John Gurr re possible funding opportunities, including ABRA (Argyll & Bute Renewable Alliance), and Local Energy Scotland.

Treasurer’s report

Community Council

The General account balance is £29496 of which £23262 is the pier, £1776 is for the notice boards, £1119 for the micro grant, £2078 for the minibus, £500 for the feasibility report for the avenue and £1099 for the action plan.

The micro-grant balance will be £1776 (held in GA account at time of report). The Clachan Windfarm has £13755 available.

Events and displays has £3571.

Treasurer’s Report- Inspire

Accounts are finalised and lodged with Companies House and OSCR.


Inspire Inveraray report

Pier opening day on 20th April 2024 was a great success, thanks to EVERYONE that helped in any way, far too many to mention by name.  Defibrillator and cabinet to be bought for Inveraray Pier, cost approx. £1608.00, Garret will obtain written approval from Argyll and Bute Council that we can attach the defibrillator cabinet to the waiting room attached to the public toilets on the pier and connect to the electricity supply.

Doctor’s surgery – Pamela Spalding provided an update;

“The working group is setting up a Patient Participation Group to be started before the 1st of August when the new GP contract is due to start.

It’s hoped having it set up before, will help the new GP build good relationships with the community or if a locum is needed for a while, it can help support each locum as they arrive.

The point of the group is not to be a forum for moans, but a way of voicing support and concerns for the practice in a positive way.

The constitution has been designed so the group can evolve and support the community and practice. The hope is that communication can be shown to work both ways and the community can understand the work load and needs of the doctor, time constraints and commitments, as well as the doctor understanding the community and the difficulties faced in the past and the need for a better more reliable service for our rural community.

The attached document is a draft constitution (distributed) taken from a practice down south. It’s a good fit for what we would like to achieve. Much of it is information on what a PPG is and how it should work. It’s been chosen so the group can evolve and grow to fit the needs.

The PPG covers Inveraray, Furnace and West Lochfyneside Community Council areas, but would stand apart from the CCs. Although, it is hoped that the CCs, will support, publicise and endorse the PPG.

An inaugural meeting is planned for before the end of May, This will be a public meeting open to anyone who wants to hear more, have ideas or become involved. We need as wide a demographic as possible. Help to get ‘word’ out would be appreciated

The current LMP GPs, will also be invited to this meeting.

There would then be at least one other meeting planned before the contract expires on the 31st July.

The tender for the contract was published in the medical journal this week.”

War Memorial – it had been suggested in an email provided by Ken MacTaggart sent from The Imperial War Memorial’s War Memorials Register that the upkeep and maintenance of this structure is the responsibility of Inveraray Community Council. After further investigation Linda believes that it should be Argyll & Bute Council’s responsibility – Cllr Corner has emailed Cllr Tommy MacPherson in his role as Trustee to the Scottish National War Memorial in the hope that he can help with renovation and restoration of the structure.

Defibrillator – Church Square – thanks to Bill Nelson and First Aid 4 Gambia and the Co-op for providing the defibrillator which is now in the old red phone box in Church Square beside the Red Cross Shop (there is a keypad for the cabinet, the code can be obtained from the Ambulance Service by dialling 999).

Defibrillator – Semple’s Garage, Barn Brae – this cabinet is not locked so a code is not required if the defibrillator is needed.

Bridge at Kenmore – the Community Council had been approached by residents who use this bridge for help with funding a replacement bridge. The bridge is open to pedestrians but is closed to vehicles.  Argyll Estates do not need this bridge for access but are willing to work with the residents to find a solution (and have agreed to pay a portion of the repair costs with contributions from residents).  The Forest is owned by a private company who do not require this route for access.  All were sympathetic that this is the shortest route should the emergency services be required but the Community Council could not help with funding.

Traveller issues at Oban – Hugh Nicol advised that travelling families were currently in situ at Ganavan Sands and had been causing problems, Hugh advised to be aware that it is possible that they may move to Inveraray.