News Items From The June Community Council Meeting & AGM

Published: 24th June 2024


Community Council MeetingAnnual General Meeting held on Wednesday 5th June 2024 at 7.00pm in the Loch Fyne Hotel followed by General Meeting

Linda DiversConvener (Chair) 
Jacqui McDonald  
Aly StewartTreasurer 
Julie Hendry

Tracy Boyce

Pamela Spalding





Linda welcomed all to the Annual General Meeting.

Convener’s report

Linda reported that it had been a good, successfully re-opened the pier with a great opening ceremony, the pier continues to be busy.  Thanks to everybody who contributed time and money to the various events and projects. The ARCK fund is up and running and has given grants to several local organisations.  She is proud of all her community council colleagues and the work they have done.  Linda thanked everyone for their support.

Adoption of accounts 2023/2024

Accounts have been audited and circulated to the community council – copy to be circulated to Argyll and Bute Council with these minutes.

Election of office bearers

No change:

Convener – Linda Divers

Vice Convener – Jacqui McDonald

Treasurer – Alyssa Stewart

Secretary – Julie Hendry

Programme of meetings

To remain as they are, first Wednesday of each month, no meeting in August 2024 and January 2025.

Date of next AGM

Wednesday 4th June 2025.


Treasurer’s report

Grant of £2000 provided to Argyll Papers.

3 quotes will be requested re the Community Hall.

Outgoing Treasurer’s Report 05/06/24
General Account Balance£1,985.70
This includes income from:
Mini Bus-£53.09
Pier Fund-£410.66
Action Plan£0.00
Drax for Avenue Light Survey-£500.00
Mens Shed-£500.00
Warm Spaces£0.00
Balance After Pending/Allocated Funds£521.95
This includes income from:
Fundraising- not restricted
Balance after Pending  £228.99
ARCK Fund   £1,378.81
Pending grants awarded :
Balance after Pending  £745.97
Pending Payments:
British Legion£2,000
Balance after Pending  £10,434.21



Thanks to Feorlin Renton for her donation following the coffee morning.


Family fun day on the pier to raise funds for regeneration of the timber section of the pier – Saturday 6th July 2024.


  • A Patient Participation Group has been established to work with the HSCP, SNHS to work with the recruiting and the next GPs who successfully attain the contract for Inveraray and Furnace. The PPG have submitted questions for the interview panel.
  • Defibrillator for the pier – Linda to obtain permission from Argyll & Bute Council (Mark Calder) to fix the cabinet to the PCs.
  • A request has been received to stop parking at the entrance to Chalmers Court off the Avenue as access for emergency vehicles is restricted. Post meeting note:  Keith Tennant, parking supervisor at Argyll & Bute Council advised that the Council car park stops at the wall around Chalmers Court, the area inside this is the responsibility of ACHA.
  • Road markings around the arches between the Inveraray Inn and the Woollen Mill require refreshing. Post meeting note: this work has now been completed, thanks to all concerned.
  • During heavy rainfall the area on the Front Street, at the corner in front of the cross green/Inveraray Inn floods, Bear Scotland to be informed.

Date of next meeting

Wednesday, 3rd July 2024.